Robert Schattle for RI Senate - District 28

A truly Independent, conservative voice for Cranston and Providence

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email  Rob@Rob4senate.US    
phone: 401-419-6799

My name is Robert Schattle and I am asking for your vote on November 3rd so together we can return the decision making power in our state back to the people.


Nobody could have imagined what has happened over the past several months, but it is now time that we regain representative control of the decisions being made for our state and create a government that works together for the beneifit of all Rhode Islanders. 

Key Concerns

Rebuilding our small business community – Our small businesses have been decimated by this crisis and we need to rebuild this vital element of our economy.

Fighting the Expansion of Car Tolls – We can’t balance the budget by penalizing citizens with tolls, fees, and fines.

The Nursing Home Crisis – Our vulnerable seniors are not receiving the care they need or deserve – we must reform this system.

Support Police and Law Enforcement – Our law enforcement agencies need to be fully trained, equiped and funded to be able to keep our citizens and communities safe.

Defend the Constitution – The United States and Rhode Island Constitutions provide the foundations of our government and it is up to our elected officials to protect these sacred documents and ensure the rights of our citizens are not infringed upon.